How to Install Terminator on Ubuntu 24.04, 22.04, or 20.04

Terminator is a robust terminal emulator offering advanced functionalities and customization options for users who need more than what traditional terminals provide. Below are some of the key features of Terminator:

  • Multiple Terminal Windows: With Terminator, users can efficiently manage and view multiple terminals in one window, thanks to its ability to split screens vertically and horizontally.
  • Customizable Interface: Users can personalize their terminal’s appearance and behavior, adjusting font size, colors, and window borders to create a comfortable and efficient workspace.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Various keyboard shortcuts facilitate easy navigation, quick resizing, and immediate command access, enhancing the user’s speed and productivity.
  • Tab Support: Tab support allows users to handle multiple terminal sessions effortlessly, promoting an organized and clutter-free workspace.
  • Profiles and Layouts: Terminator lets users save and apply custom profiles and layouts to craft a consistent and user-specific working environment.
  • Plugin Support: Users can extend Terminator’s functionality further by integrating various plugins and extensions, adding valuable tools and features to the terminal.

With these features, Terminator is a preferred choice for developers, system administrators, and power users who require a terminal emulator that is not only powerful but also customizable to their unique working styles and needs. Now let’s proceed to installing the terminal emulator software.

Update Ubuntu Before Terminator Installation

Before installing Terminator, you must update your Ubuntu system to ensure you have the latest available packages. Open the terminal and run the following command:

sudo apt update

This command fetches the package information from all configured sources, which helps ensure you install the most recent Terminator version in the Ubuntu repository.

Method 1: Install Terminator via Default Repository

Once your Ubuntu system is up to date, proceed with installing Terminator using the following command:

sudo apt install terminator

This command searches for the Terminator package within the Ubuntu repository and installs it with any required dependencies.

Method 2: Install Terminator via PPA (Latest Up-To-Date Version)

Import Terminator Team PPA

To install Terminator using the Terminator Team PPA, you must first import the PPA into your system’s software sources. Execute the following command:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gnome-terminator/ppa -y

This command adds the Terminator Team PPA to your system, allowing you to access a more updated version of the software than the one available in the default Ubuntu repository.

Update Packages Index After Terminator PPA Import

After importing the Terminator Team PPA, update the packages index to include the new PPA’s package information:

sudo apt update

This command ensures that your system knows the latest package versions from the Terminator Team PPA.

Install Terminator via APT PPA Command

With the updated packages index, install Terminator from the newly added PPA using the following command:

sudo apt install terminator

This command installs Terminator from the Terminator Team PPA, providing you with the latest version and terminal emulator features.

Note: If Terminator is installed from Ubuntu’s repository, execute the installation command. This command will install and upgrade the necessary components.

Launch Terminator Terminal

To launch Terminator using the command-line interface (CLI), open your default terminal emulator and type the following command:


Press Enter and Terminator will launch, providing you with an advanced terminal emulator experience.

If you prefer to launch Terminator using the graphical user interface (GUI), follow these steps:

  1. Depending on your Ubuntu version, click on the Activities menu or the Show Applications icon at the bottom left corner of your Ubuntu desktop.
  2. In the search bar, type Terminator. The search results will be filtered as you type, and the Terminator icon should appear.
  3. Click on the Terminator icon to launch the application.

Example of Terminator once opened on Ubuntu Linux:

Terminator Keyboard Shortcuts Overview

ActionKey Combination
Split VerticallyCtrl + Shift + O
Split HorizontallyCtrl + Shift + E
Switch Next TerminalCtrl + Shift + N
Switch Previous TerminalCtrl + Shift + P
New TabCtrl + Shift + T
Next TabCtrl + Tab
Previous TabCtrl + Shift + Tab
CopyCtrl + Shift + C
PasteCtrl + Shift + V
Zoom InCtrl + +
Zoom OutCtrl + -
Reset ZoomCtrl + 0
Fullscreen ModeF11
Close TerminalCtrl + Shift + W


This guide provides an in-depth introduction to Terminator, a powerful and customizable terminal emulator for Ubuntu Linux. We covered the installation process using the default Ubuntu repository and the Terminator Team PPA and methods for launching the application through the command line and graphical user interfaces. Furthermore, we provided essential tips and tricks for getting started with Terminator, showcasing its features and customizability. Enjoy using Terminator, and remember to investigate its features.

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